ViaViente The Difference

The Difference

imagesIt seems that almost every company on the market claims to be the #1 product. Product comparisons, however, illuminate 7 clear reasons that separate ViaVienté from all other products on the market. These reasons create “The Difference” between ViaVienté’s 17 years of formulation and all the startup juice companies. Rather than give you an opinion that our product tastes better, or helps more people, we give you only the FACTS. These facts are clear, verifiable and indisputable.
Individually these seven facts put ViaVienté in a class of its own . . .

Superior Absorption and Utilization

ViaVienté’s chelated minerals and living enzymes yield increased bioavailability over pasteurized and synthetic products and an industry leading 95% absorption rate. University studies on pills and other products show an alarming bodily uptake as low as 10%! ViaVienté’s superior absorption rate means your body can actually absorb what you are consuming rather than waste it – delivering increased value and better results.

NOT Pasteurized

ViaVienté is NOT pasteurized, but rather Aseptically Sterilized to kill all contaminants while maintaining the precise chemistry and living enzymes found in natural foods and so important to digestion, assimilation and metabolism.

No Added Sugars OR Flavors

We believe an all-natural product should remain just as nature intended so we make our product without the addition of sugars or flavors and let the wholesome flavor and nutrition of the fruit purees stand on their own.

No Sodium Benzoate or other Preservatives

A quick internet search shows that sodium benzoate and other preservatives have gotten a lot of negative press as of late so we have once again chosen to keep our product exactly as nature intended: PRESERVATIVE FREE!

We Use the Whole Fruit

Science has proven that the majority of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are found in the skins and seeds of fruit and vegetables and we maintain this concentration of nutrition by using the whole fruit. The nutritious skins, seeds and pulp are all a part of our product: NO CONCENTRATES. This gives you the complete nutrition of each carefully chosen ingredient.

Quality Assurance

We were the first and are currently the only product of all the major competitors to have received the FDA approved Brunswick Laboratory’s seal for antioxidant quality assurance. This means you are guaranteed to ORAC get what you pay for and you are getting 2 to 5 times the antioxidants of our nearest competitor.


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